Thursday, 26 February 2015

NN - Non - Glitterati, Earning and Click Fraud Activity..

Assalammualaikum & Selamat Sejahtera..

Rasanya ada masalah sikit dengan NN haritu..
So ni apa yang aku experience dan boleh share..

Non Glitterati & Earning..

Hi, May I know what happen to my NN account. My account turn to Non-Glitteri member and there hv some issue with my earning. I hv cash out my earning and yesterday I noticed there hv some problem.. All of this happen without notice or any information. I really dissapointed regarding to this matter..

Thanks for writing in. Regarding your glitterati status enquiry, the glitterati process is an automated one and our crawlers will detect your blog to update and restore your glitterati status within the next 4 to 5 days. Meanwhile, do keep blogging to keep your blog active as part of our Glitterati criteria is that you will need to have at least 1 daily visitor or our crawlers will mark your blog as a spam blog and this will once again affect your membership status. For your information, through our system we found out that your blog was recently found to be engaging in click fraud activity, hence all your CPC earnings that were generated during that time have been rejected and removed from your account. We strongly discourage you from engaging in this click fraud activity any further, because repeated offenders will be blacklisted from our network immediately. Hope this clarifies. Thank you and have a nice day! 
Cheers, Melissa Lim Intern Nuffnang Sdn Bhd. 

Click Fraud Activity..

Thanks for the explanations. May I know how NN define for the 'click fraud activity'?. Is it mean I can't click any ads at my own blog? If yes, so that means the only way to read ads is by click them oh the other blog. Looking forward for your response, so I didn't repeat the mistakes. 

 Thanks for writing in. For your inquiry, allow us to do a brief explanation on click fraud. Click fraud is defined as the act of clicking on ads repeatedly for the sake of generating income for the owner of the blog. Ads are supposed to be sending a message to viewers by the advertiser about their campaign and not misused this way to harm the advertising industry. Possible scenario of click fraud can be; - clicking on ads yourself repeatedly - asking your friends to click on your ads repeatedly Blogging should never be about making money. Nuffnang exist to bring bloggers closer and to help bloggers earn a little by ads if they happen to have a lot of visitors. Thus, it is important for bloggers to not start blogging There is nothing wrong with clicking on your own ads if you are genuinely interested to know what it is all about, without the intention of generating income. It is also absolutely fine for your friends to click on your ads if they really are genuinely interested to know more about the ads that appeared on your blog. It only becomes a click fraud if the clicks are made repeatedly with the intention of generating more income and those who are found to engage in this click fraud activity will be blacklisted from our network immediately without hesitation. Our system keeps a record of how many times a particular ad is clicked from the same IP address, hence becoming the evidence to show fraud click activities. Thank you and have a nice day! :) 
Cheers, Melissa Lim Intern Nuffnang Sdn Bhd. 

So ni apa experience aku..
Honestly, aku ada je klik dekat iklan aku..
Bila tengok macam menarik je klik jugak la nak baca..
Kadang-kadang iklan tu dr blogger jugak..
So bole terus baca..

Kalau dekat ofis pulak tak de la klik..
Nak BW pun kadang-kadang dah tak sempat..
Lagi pun NN punya ads mmg kene block dekat ofis..:)

Pape pun kepada yang menyumbang kepada earning aku tu time kasih banyak..:) 


  1. da dpt balik... dorg ckp automatic.. kalau yg fraud click tu mmg x boleh klik iklan lebih dri sekali kalau x slp.. pernah kna masa thun 2012. grrr....

    1. tu la da dpt masa black out tu alasan die mcm tak logik je more clicking at own blog at all afther this..hehe..

  2. Lya pom ada kena bru2 ni.. trs htr tiket kat nuff.. tp kes lya bkn sbb clik fraud ni.. sbb ada 3 blog lain x aktif.. tu y trs jtuh status.. tp dh dpt smula statu gelihati tu.. hehe

    1. sama la lya..dah dpt balik status alasan mcm x msuk akal je sbb xslalu update n xde visitor..


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